Glenbrynth 30 year Old Blended Scotch

Encounter Glenbrynth’s Exclusive 30 Year Old Scotch

A blended Scotch whisky made from the most exclusive Scottish grain and malt whiskies, carefully selected by whisky experts from Scotland’s Speyside and Highlands regions.

Bourbon and sherry casks

Age when bottled
Minimum 30 years

43% alcohol by volume

Deep golden colour

Tasting Notes

Complex aroma

with deep vanilla oakiness
and delicate spice

Smooth taste

with a silky mouth feel and
vibrant fruity, floral notes

Mellow finish

that is exceptionally long,
smooth and sweet

Our process

1. Malting
Once we have harvested the best grains from Scotland's golden barley fields, we steep them in water. This allows the grains to germinate and convert the starches into soluble sugars. The grain is then dried to arrest the germination process.
2. Mashing
Our malted barley is then roughly milled and added to warm water in a Mash Tun. A rich, sugary liquid called Wort is then drained and sent to the fermentation tanks. A quick mash process produces fragrant mineral flavours while a slower mash results in estery, fruity flavours.
3. Fermentation
We ferment Wort and yeast in our Wash Backs, enabling these ingredients to interact and convert into alcohol. A shorter fermentation process produces grassy, mineral flavours. A longer fermentation process leaves the alcohol with fruity flavours, from citrus notes to tropical fruits.
4. Distillation
Our rich, flavourful wash is distilled twice in copper pot stills. In the first distillation, we heat the wash in the still, and condense, cool and collect the resultant liquid, which then goes to the second distillation. The Master Distiller carefully cuts the spirit run to only collect the heart of the distillation.
5. Maturation
The mystical process of maturation starts in the cellar. Here our whiskies gain up to 90% of their unique flavour characteristics. We carefully select our oak casks and age our whiskies to get an exceptional taste that is distinctly Glenbrynth.
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